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Nail Bar坑口分店的最後營業日期為 2021年11月27日(星期六),感謝顧客多年來的支持!各位顧客可於其他分店繼續享用Nail Bar的服務或購買產品。

期待各位的光臨,如欲預約及查詢,歡迎WhatsApp / 聯絡6205 8850。


【Notice of Hang Hau Branch】

The last business date of Nail Bar Hang Hau branch will be 27th November 2021 (Saturday). Thank you for your continued support these years! Please continue to enjoy our services or products in other branches. We look forward to seeing you again! For any bookings and inquiries, please WhatsApp/call us at 6205 8850.

Our Locations:

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