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Declaration and Notice

Declaration and Notice of Alert for Nail Bar Employee Imposter

We have recently noticed an imposter falsely claiming to be one of our employees and in the name of our company has been asking for photos of people’s hands, feet and other parts of their bodies for purposes unknown. We solemnly declare that we have not and will not ask for photos online from any person for any reason including for commercial use.

Given that this case involves an individual’s defamation of our company into misleading the public, we are taking this very seriously and have already reported these fraudulent acts to the police. We will also hold the offenders legally liable by pursuing all lawful means in the event of any economic losses sustained by us or damage to reputation that occurred to us as a result of the fraudulent acts mentioned above.

If you receive any suspicious communications or messages suspected of involving the activities mentioned above, you should contact us immediately for verification or if you have any questions. We hereby ask that all related parties be more alert to identify these activities so as to prevent themselves from being deceived.

Should you have any enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (+852) 2890 8599.


Nail Bar Limited
22 January 2021

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