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Nail Bar is a professional nail beauty center with over 16 years’ experience in delivering quality nail treatments to our customers. We have been pampering them with exquisite hand and foot care treatments mastered from Japan and Europe. With today’s relenting demand to look your best under any situation, most of the ladies are keenly focused on fulfilling their fashion and beauty needs. Here is where our professionalism can help.


Founded in 2000, Nail Bar officially registered our “Nail Bar” trademark in January 16, 2003. During that period, together with Hong Kong’s Seibu Department Store in Pacific Place at Admiralty, we worked together to open our first Nail Bar counter. After a decade of sustainable growth, to date, Nail Bar has established 8 stores located throughout Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territory, dedicated to providing total hand, foot and nail therapies to our customers.

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